Mental Performance Coaching Certification (virtual)

Want to be a mental performance coach or use the tools with your team in the workplace or sports environment?

In this immersive course you will:

  • Learn a proven mental performance coaching framework you can tailor to your role
  • Learn how to coach and shift mindsets.
  • Learn how to get clarity on your direction, values and vision
  • Coach to address hidden performance patterns, beliefs and identity
  • Approach training with fresh perspective to break through plateaus
  • Master performance under pressure
  • Use science based tools of the mind body connection.
  • Communication, Relationships & EQ
  • Strategy and Action plan 

Collapsible content

Collapsible content

  • Helena

    "Thank you for a very profound, lots of food for thought, skills during yesterday. I am reading through the notes and have a fresh new perspective on many things. I appreciate it more than words can express".

  • Ben

    "Learning these tools has allowed me to not only develop my ability to coach others, it has also helped take my own life to a new level"

  • Luke

    "Recently I was fortunate to attend the mental skills NZ course. I felt the content covered was really relevant to many aspects of my life and I really enjoyed the great discussions and ideas shared with other attendees throughout the day. I found the content around mindset to be really interesting and was able to challenge many ideas of my own and gain alot of new information. I feel I've learned many new skills and will be able to use them in my everyday life. I feel that these skills will be most useful in my coaching, and will definitely help me become a better coach which is super important to me. The course has also helped me clearly align my future actions and decisions with my long terms goals. Personally I would recommend this course to people of all stages in life and especially teachers and coaches".

  • Siobhan

    "Great presenter and assistant, friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. Very interesting topics packed with lots of ideas, some excellent slides, videos and humour. If I was targeting to a particular groups everyone could benefit. Thank you so much, Very impressive".

  • Bec

    "I liked the tone set at the beginning of the day - be vulnerable and that it was a safe space. I liked the variety of interactive tasks and working with new people. I will use my learnings at work, training/coaching colleagues, my public speaking and personal life. Everyone could benefit in industries working with the general public".

  • Ariana

    "Everyone around me who has a growth mindset and my children would benefit from this course. The new tools I can use daily as a parent and day to day activities. Specifically around learning resilience, becoming a more patient and influential parent. Helping me with future jobs, meeting with more confidence and calmness. Thank you :-)"

  • Reto

    "The presenter had a great presence and was easy going. I learned a number of new skills that I can model and pass on to volunteers I work with"

  • Avigail

    "Wow first time ever did Timeline session, it was so incredible! I feel so relaxed about the certain event I was worried about in the future. Amazing visualisation and guidance. Really grateful for this experience! So recommend!"

  • Rehana

    "What an amazing session! Wil has a great comforting presence and the entire process was easy and so effective! I was left with an wonderful sense of joy and have this incredible feeling that I can do anything! I highly recommend it!"

  • Tom

    "So many takeaways and breakthroughs, loved how it blended practical science with some really cool techniques that actually work".'

  • Max

    "Delivered well with interesting skills and conecpts and I enjoyed the open discussion. As a coach I think in future I will pay more attention to understanding other peoples personal model of the world.

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